Therapies - E.L.E (Extended Learning Environment) Room

The ELE room or Extended Learning Environment provides opportunities for our children and young people to explore and interact with the world through the use of sight, sound, touch and movement. The ELE room is a quiet and clam space with carefully chosen equipment that encourages and enables:


  • developing confidence in exploring the unexpected.
  • child led interactions
  • children to find and explore the sounds their voices can make
  • shared and solitary exploration
  • Learning about cause and effect.


    We adapt this peaceful space to suit each child’s communication and sensory likes and goals. This may be  equipment using the 'ladder lights'; operated by sound or touch, or  moving projected images; to engage and practise early pointing and communication skills.


    Other children and young people use the room as a space to talk or be still.

    It is also a favourite place for our mindful movement sessions.


    A really motivating and safe and space for a lot of our young people!

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