How we work

How do we work?

We have 3 different ways we make sure all pupils have help to get the most from their learning.

Universal: this is where teaching staff are trained by Speech and language Therapists in the things they can do to help develop communication, understanding language and helping children understand the social world.

Targeted: this is where teaching staff talk to therapists about what else they can do to help your child be “ready to learn”. This might be using visuals to help a child understand, using sensory diets to help a child feel calm or awake enough to join in, or using comic strategies to help children understand how to behave and communicate in groups or with other children.

Specialist: this is when your child may be seen by the therapist to find out more about their communication or sensory system. Your child may be assessed by the therapist and a good way of supporting them will then be developed and the teaching staff helped to put it into practice.

We run lunchtime Lego clubs where pupils develop their friendships sharing time doing something they really enjoy.

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