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What is Nordoff Robbins?



Nordoff Robbins is the largest music therapy charity and service provider in the UK.  Nordoff-Robbins music therapy works to develop core skills including communication development, expressive development, social and interactional skills, increased motivation and self-confidence.  As a music-centred approach, Nordoff-Robbins music therapists are trained to develop and work through therapeutic aims within the music-making, responding musically moment-by-moment to what the child or client does.

Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy at Grange School

Sarah Denman, our music therapist, now works two days a week (Tuesday and Friday), offering one-to-one and group sessions, as well as a choir club on Friday afternoons which is open to everyone.

The purpose of music therapy is not to teach music, but to help the students develop a range of developmental and life skills. Music is a non-verbal medium, but it contains the same elements of pitch, rate, volume, phrasing and structure as are present in speech. Interactive music-making combines using communication skills with cognitive skills such as attention and listening, social skills such as turn-taking, physical skills such as grasping and coordination, as well as self-awareness and self-confidence.

Group sessions focus more on social communication whilst individual sessions allow a greater focus on developing communication. Students are encouraged to sing and play a variety of tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments, whilst the therapist uses music both to support and encourage change. A mixture of structured pre-composed music and improvised music is used: the former often helps to hold and develop concentration, anticipation, memory and turn-taking, whilst the latter encourages self-expression, exploration, decision-making and so on.

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Visit the Nordoff Robbins website for more information on music therapy, video footage demonstrating its benefits, and how you can support its work through fundraising. If you would like to speak with Sarah about the music therapy provision at Grange, contact her on


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