Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium 2015 – 2016

For the academic year 2015 – 2016 the school received £95,540 in pupil premium grant.

There were 81 pupils entitled to the pupil premium grant, which equates to 56.25% of pupils in the eligible age groups. 2 pupils were Looked After Children.

The school have spent their pupil premium grant in a number of ways to raise achievement for the entitled pupils. This has been divided between projects and interventions which have targeted groups of pupils, and interventions and resources to target individual pupils.


Additional staffing to deliver targeted sessions to individuals and small groups               £51,611

This included 2 days per week to deliver additional interventions around individual pupils’ targets (mainly in reading), 1 day per week to deliver outdoor education sessions to groups to improve engagement, and work on social as well as academic skills. It also includes 1 day per week of input from a music therapist, delivering individual and group therapy, as well as targeted maths and music tuition from a visiting tutor.

Outdoor gym equipment                                                                                                             £4829

Outdoor gym equipment has been installed in 2 areas of the school playground. This will enable pupils’ sensory needs to be better met, and therefore aid engagement and outcomes for pupils.

Redevelopment of the sensory room                                                                                       £18,582

A new sensory room – enhanced learning environment – has been installed. This has provided a flexible environment in which to work on individual communication and SCERTS based targets, both with the support for learning team and the classroom based staff.

Individually targeted activities, resources and interventions for individuals and small groups  £20.518

Classroom teachers have requested funding for resources and activities to meet the needs of individual pupils, in line with their targets. These have included funding for additional literacy and numeracy books and software, funding for educational visits and holidays, funding for food technology ingredients used in achieving a unit award, resources for the support for learning team, and funding for D of E awards amongst other things. All requests need to outline the intended outcomes and then the impact of the funding is evaluated.






Pupil Premium 2016 / 2017

Proposed spending

We recognise that disadvantage has an impact on the progress made by pupils in Grange school, however the impact of their autism and any learning difficulties have an often equal or greater impact on their outcomes. This means that interventions which will have an impact on pupils’ outcomes can be very individual.


During the year 2016 / 17 we plan to continue to use the pupil premium grant to continue to fund a teacher for 2 days per week to deliver individual and small group interventions across the school, and to fund a teacher for one day per week to deliver outdoor education sessions to pupils in key stages 2 to 4.

Work on communication and sensory integration is key for many of our pupils, and therefore we intend to continue to fund music therapy, and to increase the provision to 2 days per week. We also intend to increase our occupational therapist input to our support for learning team, and will fund one day per week through pupil premium.

Some funding will be used to promote reading and encourage pupils to read more in class by providing enhanced resources.

The remaining funding will be delegated to the individual key stages to be used for resources and activities which support the eligible pupils to achieve their outcomes. It will still need to be requested and approved in the same way, so that the impact of the funding can be assessed.