School Council

Our council mission statement


The school council is here to encourage the students of Grange School to get find out about things in school that they want to change or talk about.

The School council will speak up for all the students at Grange School to make sure all students are given a voice.

The school council wants to help make Grange school a happy, safe and fair place to be.

Elections are held in September, giving the chance for all our students to decide on and vote for their preferred candidate

The school council is made up of students from Key stage 3 and 4 as well as 6th form. It involves students across the whole of the Secondary. We have 10 student councillors in all. The council meets each week, with members sharing responsibilities for information gathering, research and communication with the rest of the school.  We share our meetings by writing minutes.

The council has regular communication with Keith our Head Teacher. We share our ideas and ask questions on behalf of the rest of the school.

The council helps gather information that will help make Grange a happier, safer place to be. This term the Council has been working on ideas to improve playtime at School.

The council’s next task is to find out more about rights and responsibilities of students and their teachers.