What is Speech and Language Therapy

What is Speech and Language Therapy


Speech and Language Therapy supports and enables children and their staff to communicate as effectively and enjoyably as possible.


All pupils at Grange get support in areas such as:

  • Having fun with adults and other children
  • Understanding language.
  • Developing expressive communication through visual, sounds, words and actions.
  • Following instructions
  • Knowing when help is needed and how to ask for it.
  • Learning how to understand and get on with people.
  • Understanding  your autism.
  • Learning how to move through activities and events.
  • Working with staff and families to make the world easier to manage.
  • Finding fun and motivating activities to make communication fun
  • Using easy words and visuals
  • Creating opportunities for friendship
  • We work with teaching staff to increase children’s understanding of language through the use of visuals and easy words.
  • We advise and model ideas and strategies to encourage children to interact in any way that is positive for them.

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