PE and Sports Funding Grant (Primary) 2021-2022

This year we received £16,890 which we have continued to invest in updating the PE and sports equipment in school. In addition to the Student Teacher who was appointed to deliver PE we have also appointed a fully qualified and experienced PE teacher to ensure the quality of PE taught within our school continues to rapidly improve. The teaching team in the PE department between them hold a variety of coaching badges and support the class teachers in their delivery of the PE curriculum.
The increased focus on PE throughout the primary department continues to have a positive impact as shown with the end of year results of 98% of pupils making above expected or above expected progress. The school target for progress in PE for 2020-2021 (80% of pupils make outstanding progress), was achieved and exceeded in the academic year 2020-2021, with progress monitored by the PE team, the senior leadership team and moderated by colleagues in the MAT. The target for this academic year has been increased to 100% of pupils make expected progress, with 25% of pupils making better than expected progress.
The school has invested a significant amount of time into staff training during the previous academic year and this year we will continue to train our teachers and TAs in each new PE module we implement.
This year we have devised and implemented the Know and Remember Curriculum, a skills-based curriculum that teaches the pupils the key skills they need to access a multitude of physical games while ensuring pupils develop their core gross-motor skills.

PE and Sports Premium


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