Parents and carers of the students at Grange School who are of compulsory school age are required to ensure that they receive sufficient full time education. Here at Grange School we do all we can to support school attendance and take seriously any issues that may lead to non-attendance. Good school attendance is essential to ensure that all children and young people make the most of the educational opportunities available and achieve their full potential whilst ensuring that all students stay safe. We believe this sets good habits for later in life, and ultimately if your child is not in school they cannot learn!
The School’s responsibility:
  • School has a legal duty to record the attendance of every pupil, or record them absent or late.
  • The register is taken at the beginning of both morning and afternoon sessions.
  • If for any reason a pupil has to leave school during the day, school should be informed of this prior to the day.
  • All class registers are completed showing the exact reasons for a student’s absence.
  • All unexplained absences will be followed up and reported by the school to the Local Authority.

Attendance Document

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