The Curriculum at Grange School
While we are mindful of the National Curriculum and have an obligation to teach this, our approach to delivery is focused on the needs and abilities of our learners.
We deliver a rich and deep curriculum through two 'pathways':
The Independent Pathway provides a broad and balanced curriculum for those learners who have a higher cognative awareness and are able to be more independent in their thinking and their learning style. Most classes in this pathway follow a primary-style teaching base in one classroom with a class teacher covering most subjects.
The Structured Pathway provides a rich and deep curriculum for those learners who need a more structured approach to their learning. This will involve a variety of approaches to delivering high-quality teaching and learning though methods such as TEACCH and SPELL and will all take place either within one classroom or in one of the more sensory, specialist rooms such as the Extended Learning Environment, the Forest School or the Soft Learning Area.
Phonics and Reading
At Grange we use a variety of phonics programmes and a targeted reading scheme:
For Phonics - Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds 
Click on each for a link to the websites


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