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Dear Parents and Carers


I am writing to update you as the Travel to Access Education and Training Policy review has now been completed.  We were delighted that the consultation benefited from input by parents/carers and we would like to thank you for your time and consideration.


Our aim is to promote high quality, safe, healthy and appropriate travel choices for all children and young people. It is crucial we work together with parents/carers to offer inclusive transport solutions that may be independent or a family-based approach.


We are pleased to inform you of some exciting changes under the new policy.  We will increase the opportunities to access high quality, bespoke Independent Travel Training, which for many children and young people is the most appropriate and sustainable solution and will promote skills that will be beneficial lifelong.  We will be introducing a more creative and attractive range of solutions such as Walking Buses, access to Bicycles and Driving Lessons. We will enhance Personal Travel Budget mileage payments to parents/carers from 0.45p per mile to 0.65p per mile and consider appropriate reimbursement for exceptional circumstances to support family-based solutions.  Where it is assessed that a bus or taxi is the most suitable option, we will be working with providers to ensure a high-quality service is provided and are developing the introduction of 'Pick up Points' for children and young people in their local community alongside their peers.


The post 16 policy has now been separated from the 5-16 years policy, this allows us to be much clearer on post 16 travel solutions, whilst introducing a clearer transition from 5-16 to post 16 travel.


Any new applicants will be assessed under the new policy from the 2022/23 academic year from 1 February 2023. Children and Young People will only be reassessed if the Council is notified of a change in family circumstances or when your child/young person reaches a transition point in their education. This will remove the need for annual reapplication and allows us to place a greater emphasis on reviews at key transition points and to consider your individual and/or exceptional circumstances.


If you currently access transport and your child is not at a transition point you will continue with your current transport solution


Any children/young people who are at a transition point (e.g., entering Reception, Year 7, Year 12 or Year 14 in Sept 23) will also be assessed under the new policy.  If you are not in either of these two groups, you will continue with your travel solution until you reach a transition point, or your circumstances change.


We look forward to keeping you updated and if you would like to hear more about the transport solutions above, please do not hesitate to contact us at hometoschool@manchester.gov.uk.



Yours faithfully


Angela Platt

Statutory Lead

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