18 December 2020

Christmas provision taking place at Better Leisure Debdale Outdoor Centre on Tuesday 22/29 December 10am-3pm (children) and Wednesday 23/30 December 10am-3pm (adults).

'Fit & Fed' is a free provision for children and adults enduring hardship this Christmas. Debdale Outdoor Centre is hosting a day of activities and hot meals targeting children age 6-18 on pupil premium and adults affected by homelessness - but this is not a hard line as situations can of course vary greatly. Simply put, this is an initiative to provide some fun, food and friendship to those in need this Christmas - with all the necessary Covid safety measures in place.


I have just received this information and I appreciate it is a little last minute but I hope that you may have the chance to circulate this information to anyone you think can benefit.


Please see the attached .pdf documents highlighting the details. 

Please send any questions or bookings requests to Martin.ware@gll.org (additional contact details on flyers).


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